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Get list of all tables in Oracle? Ask Question Asked 11 years, 1 month ago. Active today. Viewed 2.1m times 1075. 265. How do I query an Oracle database to display the names of all tables in it? sql oracle. share improve this question. edited Nov 27 '15 at 7:57. If you are accessing Oracle with ADO.NET you can use a similar approach. If you are accessing Oracle with ODBC, you can use SQLTables function. Otherwise, if you just need the information in SQLPlus or similar Oracle client, one of the queries already mentioned will do. For instance: select TABLE_NAME from user_tables. In oracle SQL, how do I run an sql update query that can update Table 1 with Table 2's name and desc using the same id? So the end result I would get is. Table 1: id name desc ----- 1 x 123 2 y 345 3 c adf Question is taken from update one table with data from another, but specifically for oracle SQL.

This Oracle DELETE example would delete all records in the suppliers table where there is a record in the customers table whose customer_id is greater than 25, and the customer_id matches the supplier_id. If you wish to determine the number of rows that will be deleted, you can run the following Oracle SELECT statement before performing the delete. 3 ways to show or list all tables in Oracle database. Based on privileges we can query oracle's all_tables,user_tables,all_all_tables,dba_tables to list all tables. all_tables lists all tables that have user access,user_tables lists all tables owned by the user,dba_tables displays all tables. In Oracle, truncating a table is a fast way to clear out records from a table if you don't need to worry about rolling back. One of the reasons is that when the table is truncated, it does not affect any of the table's indexes, triggers, or dependencies. Truncating a table is also a lot easier than dropping the table and recreating it. 02.02.2018 · 46 videos Play all Oracle SQL Online trainning Tutorials Point India Pvt. Ltd. Why I left my $200k job as a Software Developer - Duration: 11:10. Code Drip Recommended for you. 06.05.2014 · Hello Friend, I am seeking some help reg altering table and make one of it column column having default sequence value in ORACLE 11g ALTER TABLE Persons MODIFY City DEFAULT my_sequence.NEXTVAL;. Its not working in oracle 11g. Please help me out.

The name of the database object that you are granting privileges for. In the case of granting privileges on a table, this would be the table name. user The name of the user that will be granted these privileges. Example. Let's look at some examples of how to grant privileges on tables in Oracle. As an Oracle Developer, you might want to play along with tables that are analogous to real world. EMP and DEPT tables are the most often worked upon tables in Oracle. Mostly these tables are owned by user SCOTT. Along with EMP and DEPT, the other two commonly used tables are BONUS and SALGRADE. Oracle / PLSQL: Oracle System Tables Below is an alphabetical listing of the Oracle system tables that are commonly used.

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