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How Do You Locate a Ford Engine's Casting.

Ford Six Casting Numbers Browse: Home / Fordsix Techlib / Ford Six Casting Numbers These are some numbers I have collected over the years from various engines I have found lying in junkyards. KENT Engine Block Casting Numbers. AN INTRODUCTION TO FORMULA FORD AND A RESOURCE FOR THE FORMULA FORD RACING COMMUNITY. Here’s where you would find the casting number on a Windsor head. Here we have the venerable E7TE-PA 5.0L head. One thing to note, is that due to the general numbering scheme of Ford’s casting numbers, you can have the same major casting number, for two completely different applications.

31.12.2017 · Some engines that are in my little project shop. decoding the date codes on them and some problems I found in a 289 I purchased used. Firstly, identification. Start by checking the casting number which is situated at the left hand lower rear of the block. This number always ends in 6015 which is Ford Motor Co’s part number for cylinder blocks. It’s the numbers and suffix letter preceding this number which are important, provided they are CAST IN as part of then block. Y-BLOCK CASTING NUMBERS. All engine blocks have ‘6015’ in the block casting number. This is found on all blocks and is Ford’s number for an engine block. Example- EDB 6015 E. Also, 292 and 312 Blocks were machined from the same castings with the same markings. If the block has EBU main caps it is a 292, if it has ECZ main caps it is a 312. Decoding this casting number says 1969 C9 design date, Lincoln Continental V, Engine E, revision A, and according to the guide, belongs to a 429 or 460 cubic-inch big-block Ford with 2-bolt mains. This is a very rare Ford 400 block, one of a very few. The only 100% positive way to tell if you have a 351M or 400 is to drop the oil pan and check the casting numbers on the crank. They should be on the side of the first counterweight. A 400 crank will have 5M, 5MA or 5MAB casting.

13.03.2010 · Decoding my 302 HO 5.0 engine? casting numbers? I have a 5.0 HO engine and not sure what year it is. I found some numbers on the block. by the starter, there was 3b29, 33 in big size and it had E7TE and on the back of the top of the block under where the intake bolts on it said IXI84775. Please help me!!!! thanks, jake. 21.09.2005 · Need some help experts! Have a 70 j code Torino cobrajet. Trouble is can't figure out what the motor is FOR SURE - 429 or 460? Heads all have the 429 numbers. Block has the following number - DIVE 8015 AA. Can anyone tell me what it means for sure?? It also has a 460 casting. The casting numbers as shown on this 428 are useful for date code, but do not tell you what the engine actually is. Casting numbers on FE blocks are most often useful for exclusion, not for identification. As an example, a block with a 1964 date code cannot be a. The Cleveland foundry cast the larger 292 and 312 blocks, and the casting number can be found above the oil filter. Since 312s were machined from the same block casting as a 292, they are nearly impossible to identify externally. Any casting number used on 312 blocks was also used on 292 blocks. The rods in my 71 Boss short block, also bought new from Ford, were the standard DOAE castings, and not the D1ZX's, but Ford did add the Boss bolts & nuts, and also the shot-peening and magnafluxing to them. Can't always go by the number to ID something. The casting number only ID's the block or heads raw casting, and the mold it came from.

14.01.2017 · Ford FE Casting numbers explained Myvintageiron7512. Loading. 428 CJ Cougar by the Numbers - Duration:. Building a 1100 Horsepower Jon Kaase Big Block Ford Ford Engine Block Numbers Note: A majority of FE blocks have either a ‘352’ or a backwards ‘501’ cast into the front of the block. With the exception of a few hi-performance 428 blocks, most all other FE blocks are identical externally. Cylinder head casting numbers can be found under the valve cover on early heads, between the exhaust ports on some heads or under the water passage to the intake manifold. The6090 is the Ford code for "cylinder head" it is on all of them and means nothing.

  1. The 351C block casting number and date code are located just above the starter. This D2AE CA casting number indicates a four-bolt main block according to the Ford Master Parts Catalog, but not all are. This casting date code “2F30” means February 30, 1972.
  2. Another D7TE-XXXX block, different location on the same end of the block. D7TE castings have had an issue that came out of the Michigan foundry. Foundry casting is located with the date on the top of the block. As long as teh casting number is a TE block, after March 2, 1977 we are safe. A TE block from the Cleveland foundry is fine with any date.
  3. The casting numbers on Ford engine blocks are located forward of the starter bolts to the bell housing, according to Classic Mustang. In some cases the starter will need to be removed in order to identify and correctly read the numbers. Park the vehicle on a solid, level surface.

Ford Six Casting Numbers Fordsix Performance.

Mexican Ford blocks also have the wider Hi-Po-style main caps if you need wider main caps. Mexican blocks can be identified by an M in the fourth position in the casting number. Casting Number Database Project. About The Project The purpose of this project is to gather the largest, searchable online database of automotive casting numbers, factory part numbers, over the shelf part numbers, engine codes and factory option codes compiled from all corners of the internet as well as offline sources. Casting and Part Numbers. Part numbers and casting numbers are pretty much the same when it comes to "hard parts". Those are those big long codes C7ZZ-6540544-DR, etc that you find that identify every Ford part made. Many parts are too small to have the number cast or printed on it, but it still has a casting number.

10.12.2019 · quoted from post at 20:35:01 12/09/19 It could have been built after 1971. Many times blocks will be produced over a few years time span with the same casting number. All D1xx means is that the casting was first produced in 1971. DOVE-A have the thick main webs. Also, some 1971 blocks with the casting number; D1VE-AA or D1VE-6015-AA. The key to look for with the '71 blocks is seeing the double "A". Again these are thick down at the main webs. The casting number is found on the outside of the block. Ford 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 Serial Numbers. I have a Ford 3000 with the following serial numbers: On the engine block C7 NN 6015 AH. Left bolster 6L17B second row NN70L57mid length rt side eng F141890 below castingofD5NN6015 has non turbo 256 ford diesel. qcman February 7.

Ford Y Block Block Casting Numbers Hot Rod.

Small Block Ford Casting Numbers. Help Center. Search by Keyword. We have a list of the small block Ford casting numbers used and this should help you determine what you are working with. Just click the attachments under this message and find your number. For starters all date codes are alphanumeric – containing both letters and numbers. A ‘casting date code’ provides the exact date when the component was produced at the foundry. A casting date code can be found, for example, at the rear of the engine block, usually above the starter, or between spark plugs on a FE cylinder head.

20.06.2006 · FE block casting numbers of the 428 CJ era will be found on the front passenger side of the block, if present. Casting numbers on FE and FT Ford Truck cylinder blocks since 1966 no longer indicated the type of block, but became a leftover formality from earlier days when the foundry had far fewer block variations. Engineering numbers on FE blocks of the 428 CJ era will be found on the front passenger side of the block, if present. Engineering numbers on FE and FT Ford Truck cylinder blocks cast since 1966 no longer indicated the type of block, but became a leftover formality from earlier days when the foundry had far fewer block variations. 289 Hi-Po Engine ID Guide, If you’re looking to build or buy a 289 Hi-Po, here’s the info you need, click here for more details. Mustang Monthly Magazine.

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