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Acu-Loc Wrist Plating System Acumed.

LCP Distal Radius System 2.4 Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes 3 – A wide selection of dorsal and volar plates ensures the best solution for a given fracture pattern. – Since the plates come in different. The Acumed Acu-Loc Volar Distal Radius VDR Plate has been a market leader since 2004. Designed to provide a more distal fit than many other volar plates, the Acu-Loc Volar Distal Radius VDR Plate offers an innovative solution for complex intra-articular distal radius fractures and osteotomies. The APTUS Distal Radius System 2.5 plates with TriLock technology are anatomically adapted for an optimal stabilization of distal radius fractures and correction osteotomies as well as for arthrodesis. PRODUCTS. TRILOCK MTP FUSION PLATES 2.8. Hallux System 2.8. MTP Fusion Plate. The knowledge basis may indicate that plates produce better functional short-term results for unstable distal radius fractures when compared to external fixation. INTERPRETATION. There is evidence in support of differentiated treatment of distal radius fractures. A distal radius fracture, also known as wrist fracture, is a break of the part of the radius bone which is close to the wrist. Symptoms include pain, bruising, and rapid-onset swelling. The wrist may be deformed. The ulna bone may also be broken. In younger people, these fractures typically occur during sports or a motor vehicle collision. In older people, the most common cause is falling on.

As the newest addition to the DePuy Synthes LCP ® Distal Radius System, the 2.4 mm LCP Volar Column Distal Radius Plates feature multiple screw options in the head, allowing for angular stable fixation of extra- and intra-articular distal radius fractures. With a variety of head widths, there is a plate to fit small-statured to large-statured patients. 2 DePuy Synthes Variable Angle LCP Two-Column Volar Distal Radius Plate 2.4 Surgical Technique Variable Angle LCP Two-Column Volar Distal Radius Plate 2.4. For fragment-specific fracture fixation with variable angle locking technology. Features and Benefits Oblong combi-hole Allows accurate plate positioning on the bone Dedicated screws.

The Arthrex Titanium Volar Distal Radius Plating System provides a comprehensive solution for distal radius fracture management. A comprehensive offering of Volar Plates are available in narrow, standard, and wide as well as multiple shaft lengths. The VariAx 2 Distal Radius Plating System provides you with a comprehensive range of anatomic plating options that work with a common instrument and screw platform. Plates utilize SmartLock technology which permits polyaxial screw placement. TriLock Distal Radius Plates FPL 2.5, Volar. Read More. Hook Plates 1.5. Read More. TriLock Ulna Shortening Plate 2.5. Read More. CONTACT. Medartis AG Hochbergerstrasse 60E 4057 Basel/Switzerland. Tel. 41 61 633 34 34 Fax 41 61 633 34 00 Mail info@. PRODUCTS. Distal radiusfraktur er det vanligste bruddet som behandles av helsevesenet.Det store flertallet er vinklet dorsalt fractura radii typica – Colles’ fraktur.Frem til for et par tiår siden var de fleste klinikere enige om at håndleddet etter et slikt brudd etter hvert ville gjenvinne utmerket funksjon 3 – 5.Nesten alle tilfeller av Colles’ fraktur ble behandlet konservativt.

Volar Distal Radius Locking Plate that best accommodates patient anatomy and fracture pattern. Note The PERI-LOC™ Volar Distal Radius Plate Preoperative Templates 7118-0981, 7118-0982 are available to assist with preoperative radiographic planning. In some cases—such as when the bone heals out of alignment malunion or there is tendon damage from an internal plate—a second surgery may be needed to correct the problem. Most people who experience a distal radius fracture are able to recover well.

08.07.2012 · Get help for Distal Radius Fracture Repair contact Dr. Alejandro Badia Orthopedic Hand Surgeon - Badia Hand to Shoulder Center Doral, Miami Florida Dr..

Figure 3. Shearing of the distal radius, known as an osteochondral fracture; Compression: In falls from a height or other high energy injuries, the hand and wrist bones can be compressed against the flat surface of the distal radius, which yields under the tremendous applied load.

X-rays below demonstrate the surgical hardware commonly used volar plate with improved alignment of the distal radius fracture. In most cases, the ulnar styloid fracture does not require hardware fixation. Distal Radius Fracture Repair Recovery Casting. The rule for bone healing in general is to expect a six-week period to ensure proper bone. Dorsal Distal Radius Plating. Salt Lake City, UT demonstrates the surgical technique for fixing a distal radius fracture with the Arthrex® Dorsal Distal Radius plate. The Dorsal Plate is designed to be a low-profile option for fractures that require dorsal buttressing and reduction. CarboFix "Piccolo" Distal Radius Plates Made of continuous carbon fibers reinforced polymer. The Distal Radius plates are anatomically shaped. Standard & Narrow designs are available. Low profile: plate thickness 2.4mm. Screw holes accommodate both locking and non-locking screws. Polyaxial locking screws - up to 10° trajectory variation.

An increasingly popular treatment approach to a distal radius fracture is to surgically implant plates, screws, or pins to hold the bone fragments in place. Plates and other components are most often implanted on the inside of the wrist and forearm, but it is possible to implant them on the back of the arm and wrist in certain circumstances. Distal Radius/Ulna Plates 2.5. The LOQTEQ® Distal Radius Fracture Set includes variable locking plates for the distal radius and the distal ulna. The careful assembly in a compact set with consistent screw diameter allows for a wide range of surgical techniques and high intraoperative flexibility combined with ease of use. Low profile: plate thickness 2.4mm. Screw holes accommodate both locking and non-locking screws. Polyaxial locking screws - up to 10° trajectory variation. Circumference radiopaque marking outlining plate contour for positioning & follow-up. CarboFix Distal Radius plates are.

bone". There are almost 600,000 distal radius fractures per year in the United States, so you are not alone. You might also hear this called a Colles' Fracture, after Abraham Colles, who described it, but this term is not used by current researchers in the field.The radius is the forearm bone on the thumb side in the xray above, it is the one on the right. Geminus. The Geminus range of orthopaedic surgical plates is a comprehensive and flexible system for the management of distal radius fractures. BACKGROUND: Indication of volar locking plate VLP removal after bony healing of distal radius fracture DRF is controversial. Studies with various range of removal rate were reported. The purpose of this systematic review was to investigate the frequency.

The 2.4 mm Variable Angle LCP ® Dorsal Distal Radius Plate is part of the 2.4 mm Variable Angle LCP Distal Radius System. The low-profile dorsal distal radius plates are intended for the double plate technique, and are available in 6 different styles of plates. 10 Synthes 2.4 mm LCP Distal Radius System Clinical Cases—Volar Approach—Extra-articular Plates Case 1 Comminuted, dorsally-displaced fracture of the distal radius; fixation with a five-hole head extra-articular plate. Case 2 Comminuted, dorsally-displaced fracture of the distal radius; fixation with a four-hole head extra-articular plate.

shape of the distal radius Plate positioning adjustment slot accepts 2.4mm Conical Screw or 2.7mm Cortical Screw Volar Lateral Column Plate Dorsal Delta Plate. 4 Zimmer Periarticular Distal Radial Locking Plates Fracture Classification Refer to the OTA Fracture and. Distal radius fractures are very common. In fact, the radius is the most commonly broken bone in the arm. Treatment depends on many factors, such as the nature of. Volar Plate. I broke my wrist edit: distal radius fracture - Dr. Nelson in a skating accident and shortly thereafter, had surgery to place an internal fixator edit: volar plate - Dr. Nelson. Within 24 hours of the surgery, I was able to carefully use my hand, my arm, and my fingers. GMN-RTS-4HL GEMINUS Volar Distal Radius Plate, Standard, 4 Hole, Right GMN-LTS-4HL GEMINUS Volar Distal Radius Plate, Standard, 4 Hole, Left GMN-RTS-7HL GEMINUS Volar Distal Radius Plate, Standard, 7 Hole, Right GMN-LTS-7HL GEMINUS Volar Distal Radius Plate, Standard, 7 Hole, Left.

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